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Cat Lacigale

mardi 12 juin 2012

Encore un !


au gré de mes pérégrinations, j'ai trouvé un autre "giveaway"... extraordinaire ! Il est chez Erin Blegen.
Je vous le communique ci-dessous :

Hello everyone and welcome to My Scrap Cabin!! If you're here because you were a follower of Scrappin' Sisters, I am relieved you have found me in my new home! If you're brand new to me, then welcome!! I'm so glad you're here!
Making the decision to split our blog and branch off into our own individual ones was NOT easy. Kelly and I have always done pretty much everything together our whole lives. I'm so lucky to have her as my sister. When we first started out in this blogging world, we just wanted to be able to participate in some of the online challenge sites, for which you needed to have a blog. Never did we dream we would actually become so involved, be on design teams, madly creating projects on a daily basis- or ever think there would be a reason NOT to share a blog. But it has been brought to our attention on more than one occasion that sharing a blog could eventually create problems or even become a conflict of interest for the places we design for.
SO, unfortunately, this decision was inevitable. It's interesting how something as simple as this could cause such heartache- when really, nothing changes. Kelly will still be sharing her creations and so will I, we will still talk on the phone a hundred times a day, we'll still share all the things that we always have...just on different pages. My husband joked, "Don't worry- all duos eventually break up- even Brooks & Dunn" (one of our fave country duos).
Yeah, thanks for that, Josh. Lol.
BUT- I don't want this to be a sad beginning. I want it to be positive and FUN!! SO- I've got some giveaways- YES, GIVEAWAYS (plural)- for you!! How many giveaways?? Hmmm...I'm going to need YOUR help with that one! My first giveaway is this random gathering of goodies:
So how do you win- and earn even MORE giveaways?? Well, since I'm faced with the dreaded task of rebuilding my following, I'm going to BUY your love. Yeah, I'm shameless- I'm going to BUY your love! They say you can't buy love? Well, I CAN!!! :D
SO- in order to be be entered into my drawing, you must first become a follower. If you'd like TWO additional entries, share my giveaway on Facebook or Twitter. And if you'd like TWO MORE additional entries, share my giveaway on your own blog!! Then just leave a comment with what you did and I will keep a running tally sheet right here showing the number of times your name will be entered into the drawing!!

**GIVEAWAY #2:**
I've reached 50 Followers!! Yay!! So I get to reveal Giveaway #2: Basic Grey "Plumeria" Collection Pack!! It includes 12 double-sided papers, one sheet coordinating alphabet stickers, and one sheet coordinating cardstock stickers!!!
Thank-you ALL SO MUCH for the overwhelming support!!

NOW, how do you get me to reveal another giveaway???? As soon as I reach 125 followers, I will post a third giveaway! Then another at 200! If I get beyond that, I will do a giveaway with every 50 new followers! I'm pretty sure I could go broke with this, but I don't care :)- as long as we all have fun, right?!?!?!?
OH- and did I mention that this is open INTERNATIONALLY???? I have many, many overseas friends and I want everyone to have a chance here!! So share the love- tell your friends, help me build up my blog a little- and win something, okay?! You have until midnight June 30th Central Standard Time to enter. I will announce the winners shortly thereafter.
GOOD LUCK and see you SOON!!

**Here is my running tally, as of right now. I will update when I can- just trying to keep track of how many entries each person has. If you decide later to post on Facebook or your blog, just leave another comment and I'll update your tally. And although I obviously know many of you by your actual names, I'm using your name as it's seen in the comments so as to avoid any confusion! Thanks for your support!!!**

Si cela vous intéresse, rendez-vous chez Erin.

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  1. Coucou et bonne chance, ce lot est très joli, bises

  2. Y a de quoi faire... bonne chance! je ne vais pas le faire, on ne sait jamais si je te souffle le lot sous le nez...hihi Bisous

  3. Ho la la, je ne comprends pas tout mais les photos donnent envie... bonne chance... bisous lolo